PEP 3002 Processor based control unit

The processor based control unit type PEP 3002 is used as part of the ICN 2005 conference system wich ensure additional services for the user os the system. The control unit is incorporated into an ergonomic box, its power supply is provided  by the system cable, therefore there is no need for external power supply. The unit PEP 3002 can be connected anywhere along the chain of the delegate's and interpreter's units serially concatenated on the system cable. 
Main functions of the unit:
o Two automatic and one manual word giving mode of operation
o Giving the word or taking it away.
o Starting a three button vote 
o Setting the voting time 
o Checking presence 
o Prohibition by the chairman
o Setting the address of the units
o Displaying the help request arriving from the interpreters 
o 4 x 20 character LC display with backlighting
o None

For detailed functional description, the overview diagram, the used and indicated parts as well as the technical data of the chairman's unit please see „ICN 2005 User Manual”