About us

DIGITON Company was founded by BEAG - Budapest Electro-Acoustic Factory in 1990. In 1992 the developing engineers of the factory and INTERTON Ltd. bought the limited company from BEAG which had been wounded up in the meantime. DIGITON Ltd. is one of the professional successors of BEAG. DIGITON inherited the PA acoustic technical profile from BEAG.

Our activities cover all the areas of professional acoustical techniques from outside sound systems to solving inside sound technique tasks of special requirements. We place a special emphasis on intelligent conference and interpreter units and complete sound systems of our own development, design and production.
Own developed and manufactured wired digital conference system type ICN 2005 has 32 digital channel for transmission of 30 different translated languages and floor sound.

The delegates units, depending on needs, are made in 3 different verisons: from the model ensuring sipmple contribution and sound reinforcement to the model equipped with LCD, possibilities for voting, selecting the translated languages and chipcard identification.

The system may be controlled by PC with ICN 2005 ConferControl  own developed software.
The own developed and manufactured infrared wireless simultaneous interpreter system type INFRAPLEX 2005 is able to transmit up to 7 sound channels.
The conference systeem ICN 2005  and interpreter system INFRAPLEX 2005  can be interconnected and work as one system controlled by one basic unit.

Our highly qualified staff, consisting of experts renowned also in scientific life, is able to solve special acoustical, room acoustical, electronic, information technology hardware and software tasks. By matching the adjective “technical developing”, we undertake to develop hardware and software that fulfil special and individual requirements.
From the point of view of the development of our Company, we think that technical development is of key importance. The modernisation and further development of our systems, conference and interpreter algorithms of new concept, short and long distance communication solutions all belong to our constant tasks.