ETP 370 Power supply

The power supply unit type ETP 370 is used as part of the ICN 2005 system which ensure the power supply voltage of the system for maximum 70 units via 2 or 3 trunks. Every units ( chairman's, delegate's and interpreter's) have to be considered for determination of the maximum number of the units. The maximum number of the units which can be chained on one trunk is 35 units and the maximum length of the trunk cannot to pass 100 m. Several ETP 370 units can be used chained in one system. Serial and USB ports for connecting the pc controller.
Main characteristics:
o Ensure the power supply voltage for maximum 70 units.
o Several power supply units can be chained in one system.
o Serial and USB ports
o 3 pcs. system cable connector
o Protected against overload and short-circuit
o   Rack mounted design
o Power cable – 1 pc
o End plug connector  – 1 pc
For detailed functional description, the overview diagram, the used and indicated parts as well as the technical data of the power supply unit please see „ICN 2005 User Manual”