CK 33 Hypercardoid microphone capsule

The capsule has hypercardioid polar pattern and with the aid of the gooseneck microphone arm type GN 30CS or GN 50CS connetcs to the above mentioned units of the conference system. The microphone capsule type CK 33 is used as part of the chairman's unit HEP 300C respectively delegate's units HEP 302, HEP 302V and HEP 302VR of the digital conference system ICN 2005. The capsule and the gooseneck microphone arm are AKG's products.
Main characteristics:
o High sensitivity,  wide frequency range 
o Hhypercardioid polar pattern 
o Screw on capsule for connection of the gooseneck microphone arms (GN 30CS, GN 50CS)
o None
For detailed functional description and technical data of the capsule please see "AKG"  webpage.