SB 601 Digital sound recorder

The digital sound recorder is used as part of the ICN 2005 and INFRAPLEX 2005 systems when the floor sound and the translated languages are needed to be recorded at the same time. The sound recorder assures through the hard disc the simultaneously recording for 4 analog channels. For special demands there are possibility for providing digital sound recorder for 8,16 or 32 channels. The conference and interpreter systems definitely must be complemented with channel decoder type PEP 3006 which configures the digital channels in analog format. For replaying the recorder material it is needed a PC. The recorder can be connected to the computer network, which assure for all computers conected to the network the access to the reccorded material.
Main characteristics:
o 4 recordable analog channels (with expansion possibilities for 8, 16 up to 32 channels)
o Recording time: approx. 2500 hours
o Connection cable (between channel decoder and digital sound recorder)
o Possibility for connection to computer network
For detailed description of digital sound recorder please see "SB 601 4AN User Manual"