PEP 3001/PEP 3001M Basic Unit

PEP 3001
PEP 3001M
The basic unit PEP 3001 is the core element for ICN 2005 conference system and for INFRAPLEX 2005 interpreter system.
Its task is to syncronise the system and to generate the floor audio channel. 
Through the analogue inputs of the unit it is possible to mix the signals of external audio sources as well to the floor audio, and from its outputs it is possible to connect the signal of the audio channel to an external amplifier or voice recording equipment. The two coaxial output located on device are for driving the infrared radiators.
The basic unit in addition to the above controls the word giving and the voting process and manage the waiting list with those delegate's units which did not get the word due to the available channels being occupied.
The basic unit PEP 3001 is the device where must be set up the mode for distribution of the audio channels for conference and interpreting systems.
In case of using simultaneously the ICN 2005 and INFRAPLEX 2005 systems as one system, only one basic unit type PEP 3001 is needed.
The PEP3001M is the USB connector equipped version of PEP 3001. It allows the computer controlling without ETP 370 power supply-HUB.
Main characteristics:
o 32 channels (31 audio channels + 1 channel for data)
o contains a 5 channels analogue mixer
o Possibility for registering the external means (EFFECT)
o 2 pcs. of BNC connectors for driving the infrared radiators 
o 2 pcs. of system cable connectors
o Level indicator 
o Sound ferquency output for registering the floor sound and the tape recorder
o Possibility for headphones conncetion.
o USB connection with PEP 3004 confernce control PC (only PEP3001M type)
o Rack mounted design
o Power supply 230 V  – 1 pc
o End plug connectors – 2 pc 
For detailed functional description, the overview diagram, the used and indicated parts as well as the technical data of the basic unit please see „ICN 2005 User Manual” or „INFRAPLEX 2005 User Manual”