Digital Infrared Interpreter System



Based on the long-term development strategy of DIGITON a new project called: Multi-channel IR system of audio signal digital-transmission for the realization of wireless interpreter systems primarily is at the final phase and includes new technology fulfilling the IEC 61603-7:2003 standard of 32 channels transmissions. The brand new features of the system are the followings:

-    Cleared and minimized design, new applied technology inside offers:  unique and ergonomic appearance including high technology circuit elements
-    Automatic delay setting, depending on the in topology of the installed radiators to avoid the synchronic drop out or interference
-    ALU carrier PCB, SMD IR diodes in the radiators effects that no cooling fan inside, 4 times smaller then other IR radiator with the same radiated IR power
-    OLED display on the receiver for the excellent ergonomic with excellent viewing area
-    Card modularity of the central unit to interface other, no Digiton based system, or further conference and interpreter units
-    Color TFT touch sensitive display (central unit) offers fast and convenient controlling for the user
-    Revolutionary new design of the IR receiver and other system elements to make difference to other plastic made receivers and units. It contains a special combination of ALU and dark plexi housing,

ALU frames like a character form of “U”, gives the name of the system:


Why “ULTRA”?


First of all the “ultra” means a very high quality of services and, additionally, the “U” design – as metal frame - can be recognized in every unit.

System elements:

IR receiver:
Offers 32 channel-receiving, with graphical OLED - can display the followings:
  -  Actual channel-number or standard (3 characters) language mnemonic
  -  Volume level
  -  Battery state
  -  Quality of the received IR signal
The receiver contains Li-Polymer battery (for 24 hours working time) and a multi direction lever switch to set both the channel selection and the volume setting. 
Preliminary data:
Headphone output:
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
S/N: > 80 dB (A)
IR Irradiance level (min.): 4 mW/m2
Channel number: 4, 8, 16, 24, 32
Working time: 20-24 óra
ower: 3.7V LiPoly battery
Charging time: 3 hours

IR radiators:
Main advantages of the IR radiators are the small size and the high-radiated IR power. They appear as the smallest in the world from the point of view of the highest radiated IR power. Because of not including any fans they are absolutely silent no noise coming from the units.

There are two power-versions:
UT1:                                                        UT2:
Total IR output: 23Wrms                      Total IR output: 11,5Wrms
Angle of half intensity:  ± 600               Angle of half intensity:  ± 600
Dimensions: 310x310x52 mm             Dimensions: 310x185x52 m
Weight: 7 kg                                            Weight: 4 kg
Power: 48V                                              Power: 48V


Current (48V): 1,5A                             Current (48V): 0,85A









IR central unit (ENCODER)

The inputs of the ENCODER can be either (line level) analogue or (S/P DIF) digital. Based on the modularity of the central unit the number of inputs can be increased with 4 up to 32. The extender interface-panels can be inserted in mixed mode - analogue or digital. Inside the Encoder there are 8 additional free extender slots to use for interfacing external digital sound or conference (e.g. ICN 2005) nets. Interfacing one external system only one slot can be occupied in the encoder.






The outputs of the encoder drive the IR radiators. There are 4 outputs for this functions but several radiators can be daisy chained from the same output. The encoder compensates the signal delay based on the different cable length between the radiators automatically. The color, touch sensitive TFT screen gives a user friend control possibilities.





Preliminary data:
Standard: IEC 61603- 7:2003
IR wave length: 870 nm
Modulation: DQPSK
Carriers freq.: 2-8 MHz, 8 carriers
Coding: APCM
Error correction: Reed-Solomon

Audio system-specification:
Audio bandwidth: 20Hz-20kHz  (-3 dB)
Distortion: < 0,05 %
Cross-talk: > 80dB (1 kHz)
Dynamic range > 80dB
S/N: > 80 dB (A)

Charging-storage Suitcase

Because the IR receiver itself includes the charger control circuit, the Charging-storage suitcase drives only the charger supply for the receiver slots. 20, 40, 60 slots inside can be available to ship.