PEP 3004 PC based control unit

The PC based control unit with software type PEP 3004  is used as part of the ICN 2005 conference system which consist of a personal computer and the conference controling program type ICN 2005 ConferControl, together with operation system Windows© XP, Windows© Vista or Windows© 7. The pc based control unit can be used only in systems containing the power supply type ETP 370 because the PC can be connected to the system only through the ports of this unit. The type PEP 3004 assures the acces of all functional possibilities for which are recommended delegates units type HEP 301VR.
Main functional possibilities:
o Automatic and manual possibility for giving the word
o Possibility for giving and taking the word from PC
o Start different types of voting
o Using the chipcard for personal identification
o Displaying the current status of the conference system on the screen
o Displaying the conference related data and parameters on the screen (name, date and time of the conference, data of participants, time and duration of speech, type and result of voting, etc.)
o Storing all data and parameters of the held conferences in the database of pc which may be also sent to external peripheries as well (printer, display, etc.) 
o USB cable (1,5m) for connecting the pc controler - 1 pc 
For detailed functional description please see  „ICN 2005 ConferControl User Manual”