HEP 300 Chairman's unit

The chairman's unit type HEP 300 is used as part of the ICN 2005 conference system. The unit situated in front of the chairman has a built-in microphone and loudspeaker, buttons for chairman's priority and for starting the voting process. Additionally  there are other 3 voting buttons and 4 press buttons serving for selection of translated languages and adjustment of the volume. If the microphone is active then the built-in loudspeaker of the unit switches off automaticaly for avoiding the acoustical feedback. The green colour LED on the microphone arm indicates the fact that the microphone is active, which can be activated in every operation mode. The unit is suitable for transmission of 30 different languages plus the floor sound (31 sound channels in all) which may be listened to through the headset conected to device. The backlit graphic LC display of the unit facilitates the selection of the language and the adequate sound volume. On the chairman's unit can be initiated the 3 press buton process of voting. The result of the vote appears on the display of the chairman's unit. The chipcard reader of the unit assure the possibility to identify the user of the device. The microphones of the delegates with priority level "0" switch off automatically if the chairman ask prohibition by pressing buton "priority" on his unit.
 Main characteristics:
o Built-in microphone and loudspeaker
o Microphone arm with two colours (red and green) indicator LED 
o Transmission of 30 different languages plus floor sound
o Backlit graphic LC display
o 3 press buttons voting possibility
o Chipcard reader
o Start voting press button
o Chairman's prohibition press button
o Possibility for headset connection
o None
For detailed functional description, the overview diagram, the used and indicated parts as well as the technical data of the chairman's unit please see "ICN 2005 User Manual"